The Gallery
Chloe's Brother Levi F1 Fleece
What Better Than a Doodle?  Two Doodles
Chloe and Levi as Puppies
Playtime with Chloe & Levi
@ 3 Months
Chloe & Lexi - Best Friends @ Suwanee Goldendoodles in 2006
Lexi has crossed the rainbow bridge :(
Chloe @ The Beach
Scarlett Sunbathing on a Float
The photos on this page are fun photos of our dogs as they grow and their babies.
It's HOT in the SOUTH!  Whatever we can do to stay cool.
We love it when mom goes grocery shopping!  :o)
Trevor and Zeus are at the beach.  This is one of our 5 month old Standards from Chloe and Montegue.
Scarlett loving life in the pool.  Goldendoodles love to swim if you introduce them to the water early.
Lucy and Izzi - Chloe's Daughters
Riley - Chloe's Very Special Addition
Soft Surroundings invitation for Stella's 2013 catalog photo shoot
Happy Halloween 2013 from Tess.  Tess is a Chloe and Monte baby.
 Standard Parti Poodle - Precious Gem @ 18 months
 Our beautiful Standard F1 - 8 Years Old in this photo - Chloe
Scarlett has some beautiful eyes!
A newborn Scarlett Baby
I must say we do have a colorful bunch in this Multigenerational Goldendoodle
Murphy - A Ruby Merle (Litter 2013) as an Adult
Roscoe - A black from Gem's 2014 litter and is pictured here at 1 year old
MOTTS - Left is at 6 months -  Right is at 6 weeks
Finnegan is the father of Tucker and the grandfather of Lindy
Skipper @ 6 Months - Gabbi & Jackson Baby (Possible Silver)
Socialization begins early at Suwanee Goldendoodles and that's part of why they are so special.
Loving the colors we have produced in the past.  As a breeder, it is a lot of fun experiencing colors especially when you understand their genetics.
Goldendoodle Association of North America