We are very proud of the testimonies that come from the families that purchase one of our puppies.  We would like to share a few with you.  There might be one of our doodle puppies in your area.  Contact us and we will contact the owner.  Doodle lovers are proud to share all of the experiences that they have had.
Keri and Mark dos Santos, Alpharetta, GA
We have been meaning to write this testimony for a few months now.  I am glad we waited though, because it has given us even more time to reflect on such an amazing addition to our family.  Our children, ages 11, 9 and 4 had been begging for a dog for quite some time and we had held them off until we came across the Suwanee Goldendoodles website.  We saw that they had a new litter of puppies, but only 2 that were available.  We figured it was a good time to just go and look at the breed, to know what to look for in the months to come when we would be more serious about getting a new puppy.  Well, we had no idea how attached we would become to sweet little Zeke.  He instantly followed us around when we arrived to see all the dogs, wrapped his two front paws around our arms while we held him and fell asleep snuggled into us.  We knew we had to have him and we like to say that he picked us.  Two weeks later we were able to bring him home and start our life with our new four legged baby.  

Zeke has such a calm and sweet personality.  He loves to be with us everywhere we go.  Zeke looks at us in the eyes when we talk to him, he smiles to greet us and our kids all race to be the first one in to get the biggest smile.  In the morning Zeke makes the rounds to every room to give each person in the house a good morning sniff, kiss and snuggle.  This is the best way to get our kids up and going for school, they know if they climb out of bed they will get to hug the puppy.  He rings the bell that we hung on the back door when he wants to go outside, and he knows what time the kids get home from school and anxiously waits by the front door to greet them.  He has learned to gently mouth his leash and bring it to us when we ask him to go for a walk and he just loves to go anywhere we take him.  He gets along incredibly well with the neighbor dogs and he gets his own puppy play-dates. 

We had no idea how loving a dog could be, and my husband and I had dogs while we were growing up.  Zeke was adorable as a little puppy and now that he has grown to be a big dog, he's even sweeter and we adore him even more. Thank you to the Schlosser's for breeding such an incredible dog, we learned that you can buy love... we love Zeke.

Rick & Monica Binger, North Carolina
Thank you Donna & Rick for our wonderful dog.  We could not imagine life without him.
Marita & Bill Kahler, Alpharetta, GA
Hello!  Riley (formerly known as Rocky) is doing great and we love him very much.  He LOVES my husband and follows him everywhere.  I'm a little jealous!  He is a great dog and very, very smart.  Maybe a little too smart, if you know what I mean.  Nothing, and I mean nothing gets past him!  Thanks again for giving us a great pet, and a real part of our family.

Dawson - Kate and David, Columbus, GA

“The Black Goldendoodles Really Are the Best”
Kate and I made the 3.5 hour drive from S. Georgia to Cumming this last August thinking that we were only going to meet the mother of our future dog, Scarlett.  We knew that Chloe and Patch just had a litter 2 months earlier (and two puppies were still available), but our goal was to meet Scarlett who was supposed to have a litter in the near future.  However, that plan quickly changed when one of those two puppies, Dawson, looked at us with his classic puppy-dog eyes.  He truly had been bred by Donna at Suwanee Goldendoodles to be affectionate, playful, and kind. We saw this immediately in his temperament and feel in love with him.  10 days later we were driving up and back to Cumming…this time with Dawson on the return trip.

Atticus - Tricia Fuller, Cullman,AL
After much research on allergy-friendly dogs, my husband and I decided that a Goldendoodle was the best breed for us. I looked into breeders and SG really impressed me. I originally wanted a female...I've never owned a male and thought a female would be easier and more calm. However only male puppies remained from the litter and we decided to go with a male. Thank goodness, because this baby boy is perfect! He is amazingly calm and has the best temperment; at 6m old he is so gentle and patient with my rowdy 3 and 5 year old children! He was easy to train and is so smart, intuitive and loving. We couldn't be happier!

Barkley - Julie May, Tennessee
Barkley is fantastic.  We adore him and he is definately one of the family.  He can't stand to be too far away.  We are still working on training, especially if he sees another dog or squirell when he is not on the lead.  He gets so very excited and doesn't come.  he, of course, is totally potty trained.  He loves to sleep at the end of the bed and end of the couch with anybody who is there.  He has such a loving demeanor.  He really coudn't be sweeter and is great with the boys.  He loves running to get a tennis ball and we take him for walks often to our many parks.

Bo - Lynda Coker and Gene Coker, Marietta, GA
This may be a bit lengthy but I want to tell the story so one can really understand how very special this puppy and the experience was to us.  Our previous experience with a dog was a Cockapoo that we had for 16 years and he was truly a family member.  After he passed away, we had not had a pet for over 20 years.  Our children are grown, live far away and we decided that we missed the companionship and love offered by our canine friends.  .So we embarked on a search for a new buddy for my retired husband.   We had seen a number of goldendoodles and labradoodles and were intrigued by the fact that they shared the characteristics of friendliness, high intelligence and non shedding factors that are characteristic of the mixed breed.    We learned from our other dog that mixing with the poodle line definitely, from our perspective, impacts the shedding and intelligence factor of the offspring.     We saw several puppies and dogs that other owners were walking or out and about with and were very impressed.  We are familiar with the wonderful traits and characteristics of golden retrievers since my son in on his second dog of this breed.  So we naturally leaned towards a goldendoodle.   The only issue originally was that we tend to gravitate to black dogs over the lighter colored ones.  While Gene was fishing in Alaska he saw a grown, black goldendoodle and he fell in love  -  glad my competition was a dog and not another woman.  We were on a mission to find the right puppy for our family.

I surfed the web continuously and talked to friends that had goldendoodles.  I wanted to see and touch that puppy and unfortunately many of the breeders were considerable distances away.  Suwanee Goledndoodles was within driving distance, -  and they had black ones that would probably be approximately 50 pounds – not too big, not too small; so we took off to see the 4 week old puppies.  I was immediately impressed with the Schlosser's and the environment that they constructed and maintained for this active litter of new puppies – I think there were 8 of them.  The birthing and weaning area for the puppies was immaculate, spacious and provided a very clean, conducive environment for growing and learning during the first weeks after birth.    They impressed me as well with their knowledge about the breed and appropriate healthcare and genetic heritage information.  They seemed truly concerned and conscientious that their puppies would move to a stable and caring environment for the rest of their lives.  -  We signed the contract that day and anxiously waited for our new family member.

Now let me share some comments about Mr. Bojangles.  We picked him up when he was 8 weeks old.  All shots and any other health care issues had continuously been taken care of and he was one energetic, happy, healthy puppy. We had the microchip embedded.  He is now 9 months old, about 43 pounds with a curly-bushy coat and is still healthy, exceptionally trainable and truly a joy.  We have to keep the hair trimmed around his eyes so we will know what he is thinking – eyes full of expression.  He has a great disposition and has had no problems with house training or socializing with children and/or other dogs.  He is still a little apprehensive of other large dogs, but once a brief socialization takes place he plays well.   He has been crate trained at night and we have never had any problem.  He loves to play outdoors and is particularly fond of creeks, lakes or any play time in the water.   He will bring every stick in the yard to the deck so that he can continue to chew on it – better sticks than table legs.  He is supervised in the house and we have had no problems with inappropriate behavior or destroying anything other than his toys or sticks that he finds.  Bo is a great friend and companion and pal to my husband.  He tolerates me and shows me love too, but you know he is Gene's dog.  We are delighted that we made the decision to welcome a new member of our family and very pleased that we encountered the folks at Suwanee Goldendoodles.  

Bella - Jennifer Harris, Decatur, Georgia
I'm so glad you bred this litter - we are delighted with Bella. She is, beyond any doubt, the best pup I've ever had.  Thank you!   At this time she weighs approx. 35+ lbs. Last time it was 36, but she goes up and then dips, so 35 is approx. We just completed our first training class which really changed her and our relationship to her.  Now she is threshold trained, knows the words sit, stay, down, wait, heel (and sometimes does), walks on a loose leash and is eager to learn more so that she can get treats. She is such a cutie with other dogs and loves to play with them. 

Maggie - Amy Tavares, Alpharetta, GA
I just realized that I had not written in forever. Maggie just turned 2 years old and I don't think I could love a dog more. We just had a 3rd baby (this of the human kind!!!) and Maggie is so wonderful with him. She loves to play ball with my 7 year old, will let my 5 year old dress her up, but will lay next to the baby and cuddle with him. Maggie has been the most loving addition to our family. She is beautiful and sweet and loving and just a blessing. She doesn't shed (a SUPER big plus) and her demeanor is simply fantastic. Thank you for Maggie! 

Sebastian - Jackie Moore, Decatur, GA
Sebastian just turned two and is doing really well.  He's just the best dog in the world.  I have never seen such a cuddly, sweet, smart, attentive dog -- ever.  He is so cool!  It's hard looking at the pics of your puppies and not want one...especially knowing how great Sebastian turned out.  He's been sporting a mohawk for about a year now.  It started out being something Cyndy wanted to do for football season, but it became part of his personality so we kept it.  It also helps people say "he" instead of "she" when they first meet him.  Check out the brown around his beard.  He truly is an awesome dog!  

Sozie - Steve and Margaret Collins, Snellville, GA
Thanks to Donna and Rick Schlosser at Suwanee Goldendoodles, we are now the proud parents of an adorable and amazing Goldendoodle, Sozie!  She was born March 2, 2010 and comes from the Chloe and Monte litter. 

We have not had a dog in our lives for the last 8 years since loosing our beloved 12 yr old Beardie, D.J.   Steve has wanted another dog, yet we could never settle on a breed.  After a great deal of research and dog watching, Steve saw a Goldendoodle and began to check out the breed.  We wanted one that didn’t require a great deal of grooming, and shedding was also on the list of things to consider.  Steve did his homework well and we are both so thankful that we found Donna and Rick and their Goldendoodles!  Needless to say, this led us to our Sozie, who has now been with us for one month. 

I’ll begin by telling you about her name.  We couldn’t decide between the name Sophia, which means Wisdom, or Zoie, which means, Life Giving.  So Steve came up with a combination of the two, Sozie.  Her name describes her perfectly, for she is very intelligent and has brought life to both of us, our home and to those who meet her!   We’re both retired and Sozie is doing a great job of keeping both of us young and active!

Sozie enjoys learning new tricks and will try just about anything for a treat!  One thing she has mastered is how to put a smile on our faces!  Yes, she has us both completely wrapped around her little paw!  At 17 weeks of age, she weighed in at 26.5 lbs and 19 inches in height.  She is our first red-haired child and when you see her, you’ll know why we say she’s gorgeous! 
A few things Sozie knows and responds to (unless she's preoccupied with something else at the time, of course) are: her name “Sozie”, “Come”, “Sit”, “Down”, “Give Me Five”, “No”, “Stand”, “Give me a Kiss” and “Bring It”.  She's working on the ‘Heel’, ‘Stay’, “Roll Over”, “Give” and ‘Give me a Hug”. 

It’s comical to watch Sozie in the yard.  She’s always proud of the sticks she finds and struts her stuff showing them off, no matter the size!  She loves and plays with all of her toys and especially her monkey and her blankie that Donna and Rick sent home with her!  

Sozie isn’t one to bark at people or even at noises.  She amazed our recent weekend guests with her gentle and sweet disposition.  After watching their two-year old and Sozie on the floor together, they couldn’t believe she is not even 4 months of age and yet so gentle!  She's such a love and we are thrilled to have her in our life!   

We’re sold on the breed and if we were to add another member to the family we would indeed return to Suwanee Goldendoodles!  
Daisy - Anita Deal, Tennessee
I just wanted to write to let you know about the great experience we had obtaining the newest member of our family, Daisy.  Daisy is an amazingly adorable and healthy goldendoodle F1B puppy who was bred in the home of Donna and Eric Schlosser at Suwanee Goldendoodles www.suwaneegoldendoodles.com.   There were other goldendoodle puppies available, much closer to our home, but their breeders all seemed a bit "off" for various reasons (lack of medical testing, lack of genuine warranty, genetic history, incorrect/nonfactual information on their website, etc).  Suwanee Goldendoodles, located in Suwanee, GA, was a four and one half hour drive from our home in East Tennessee, but the professionalism and dedication of the Schlossers made the long car trip more than worthwhile. 

We chose the goldendoodle breed after very careful consideration.  Even though we got our puppy at Christmas time (a time rife with puppy impulse purchases), we had been considering and researching for over a year.  The Schlossers did such an amazing job with their website and with the subsequent telephone contact with them, that we were convinced that we would get a great dog from a very conscientious, caring, and thorough breeder.  The website clearly and professionally displayed the animal's breed info, individual background, medical status/testing, the terms of the two year warranty/contract, extensive photography (displaying not only the animals, but the home environment), and much, much more.  

When it was time to pick up our puppy, we were not disappointed when we arrived at the beautiful home of Suwanee Goldendoodles.  It was so clean, and smelled so fresh; I could hardly believe there were animals living there.  Then, we rounded the corner into a very active and fun-filled puppy heaven.  Donna and Eric had set up a puppy corral not just in their backyard, but also in the dining area of their kitchen.  What a perfect place to ensure socialization and human life exposure during their early weeks!   Donna and her family obviously have boundless love and energy to provide such a puppy friendly atmosphere.  Our sweet Daisy actually loved the vacuum cleaner and the broom when we got her home!

As I mentioned, the dogs are bred in a home environment which is extremely puppy friendly.  They receive tons of human, canine, and feline contact.  The puppies are thoroughly checked by the vet several times before Donna releases them to the new owners.  The Schlossers also worm and apply the first dose of flea/tick prevention.  She also provides the contact information for her vet and encourages your home vet to consult at any time regarding the new puppy.  Since bringing Daisy home, we've had regular contact with Donna about Daisy's progress and the progress of her siblings.  Our vet was extremely impressed by the care Daisy had received in her early weeks.  He was also impressed with the documentation and informational portfolio the Schlossers prepared.

I would absolutely recommend Donna and Eric Schlosser at Suwanee Goldendoodles.  In fact, we've already given their name and website to three other families in our area who are interested in the breed!  Please let me know if you have any questions about our experience.
Admiral - Joyce and Jake Hall, Suffolk, VA
Donna, I was going to text you all the wonderful things that Admiral has done this week to tell you again how proud I am of him and how lucky I am to have a Suwanee Goldendoodle and to have made such a wonder FAMILY connection with you and the gang.  ... Every day that I bring him to the hospital, it's wonderful seeing people smile, recall memories of their own dogs past/present, and motivate them to either train their dogs or to just get better in the hospital.  
Patients and staff alike look for Admiral when he doesn't come with me.  He's truly made a name for himself here at the hospital.  When I find families that I feel would benefit from a doodle's love, I don't even hesitate to have them talk to you.  Because I know that Admiral's temperament was certainly molded with you and Chloe from the very beginning.  Today, he had the very special opportunity of meeting the Admiral of our hospital (all all the other senior officers in our command!).  He was so perfectly behaved, I could not have asked for more from him.  We may now have the opportunity to try to set up a more regimented pet therapy program here at the hospital/command site to include a mascot pet therapy dog.  In the meantime, Admiral has done that on his own.  Thanks again for everything!!!
Since then we’ve been amazed as to just how great Dawson is!  He is great in the house and he loves his daily walk.  He learned every trick we’ve tried to teach him in a matter of days.  Best of all, though, he is great with kids who come over including newborns, toddlers, and on up.  As the man of the house, I’m also quite pleased to say that he’s a great guard dog.  I remember one night getting home late, and Dawson didn’t know it was me coming into the house.  He greeted me at the bedroom door with a low growl, and he had already woken Kate up when he heard me at the front door.  He has affectionately earned the title of our very fierce yet affectionate “Black Bear”.

I can still remember Donna telling us that she didn’t know why, but her “black goldendoodles always had the best testimonials”.  I can testify that we only give further proof to that claim.  Thank you so much Donna for our dog!  All your cuddle parties with Dawson watching movies has created an incredible companion.
Goldendoodle Association of North America