Pricing - Contract - Guarantees

Understanding Goldendoodle pricing is very important when considering your purchase.  The best Breeders have an extensive amount of testing on their adult dogs and a "must" is OFA hips, elbows, heart, patellas and eyes.  In addition, they should be testing for PRA-prcd, GR-PRA1, GR-PRA2, vWd, DM, CDDY, Ichthyosis and more.

Most importantly on the coat, your Goldendoodle should have a Furnishings tests that shows the dog indeed carries for Furnishings.  Furnishings can make a Goldendoodle look like a Golden Retriever if not properly followed in the breeding protocol.  We have bred 19 years and we have had litters with two curly girls and they still delivered retriever-like pups.  With the advance DNA testing this can be avoided and ruled out. The puppies without Furnishings would not have facial hair (mustache or a beard) unless the Breeder can prove that both the male and female had the required testing.

Other important items to consider from your Breeder are quality food consumption, registrations, accreditations and examinations performed by a veterinarian on your puppy before coming home.  A deposit on a litter member typically holds your spot for choosing the puppy in the order that deposits are received. The deposit should guarantee that you will receive updated pictures each week from your Breeder.  This is just part of the due diligence your Breeder should provide.  Should you have any questions about Pricing, ask the Breeder what all the price provides and have them show you proof of that health testing.

With these questions, be sure to tell them that you have done your research right here at Suwanee Goldendoodles.  You can explore further with the Goldendoodle Association of North America and learn what it takes to be part of the BEST!  When this organization formed, they committed to delivering the most genetically sound puppies.

All Breeders should provide at least a two year guarantee.  If they do not walk away!  This needs to be written in a contract and the Breeder should allow you to see that contract before placing a deposit.

Goldendoodle Association of North America